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Hopeful Hills Ranch

Quality Alpaca products

Soft, warm, luxurious alpaca

Please contact me by phone or email to special order alpaca products.

To place an order, please call or email us at:

Phone: 320-278-3748 / Cell: 320-424-0548

We carry a variety of Alpaca products. We have raw fleeces available and many products made from yarn from our own animals. We also have a large variety of mill spun yarn from our alpacas in a variety of natural colors. We have an ever changing inventory of hand made products and alpaca products we have ordered. We carry a full line of yummy soft and warm alpaca socks that continue to be our best seller. We are the only area retailer that carries the ultra warm, Choice alpaca sock, in the Super Warm and the outdoor adventure style. Check around on the web. You will be back for our reasonable prices.